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Motivational Business Speaker:
Motivational Business Speaker for conferences, conventions and special Meetings

Imagine how much more your attendees will benefit from your conference, convention or meeting when they feel motivated with entertaining stories, simple principles and practical advice.

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George Torok
Motivational Business Speaker

Who is your motivational business speaker?
George Torok delivers motivational presentations across North America. He is a professional member and a past national board member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.

Motivational Keynote Speech
George Torok works well as your opening keynote and/or closing keynote speaker. He can deliver the opening motivational message to engage your conference attendees to get them excited. He can wrap up your conference with a closing motivational speech to send your people on their way.

Customized Motivational Speech
George Torok customizes the keynote speech for your audience. And when required he can create a special speech that delivers the right motivational message just for your people.

Motivational Business Speaker
How does George Torok connect with business audiences as a motivational business speaker? There is no question that business owners, managers and staff need ongoing motivation. George Torok delivers motivational messages that help folks focus on the important stuff and stay in the game.

George Torok draws on his 20 years of corporate management experience to relate to corporate management and staff issues. He draws on the learning from over 400 interviews with business leaders to understand the issues of entrepreneurs and corporate executives. He draws on his ongoing work with business owners to add further perspective to the issues of business leadership.

Association Motivational Business Speaker
Few professional speakers understand associations the way that George Torok does. He has been an active member of several professional and trade associations. He has served in leadership roles at both the chapter and national levels. George Torok has motivated association members, not only by his presentations, but also by his writing, mentoring and leadership.

Motivational Training
There is no point is training anyone unless you also motivate them to do what they have learned. George Torok brings the same motivational style to training that he does to keynote speaking. No one will fall asleep during his programs. They will take away practical tools and they will leave eager to use them.

How does motivation work?
Motivational speaking is both a science and an art. The science is in understanding what truly motivates people. The art is delivering the right message in the right motivational way.

What does George Torok know about motivation?
In the corporate world, he hired, fired and developed staff. Corporate life taught him more about de-motivation than motivation. As an entrepreneur he built his own successful business. George Torok created and continues to host his radio show, Business in Motion. He is a best selling author and writer of over 400 business articles. He traveled around the world at the age of 20. He has completed one triathlon, four half-marathons, five 30-k races and two full marathons (42k). Yes, he knows about pain and hope – the two key drivers of motivation.

More Than a Motivational Business Speaker
George Torok is more than a motivational business speaker. Yes, audiences call him an entertaining motivational business speaker. Yes, audiences feel inspired and energized after his presentations. But more importantly Torok delivers fundamental insights, eye-opening perspective and practical business tips. Torok is a business specialist. He simplifies important concepts and he has a track record of helping entrepreneurs thrive. He has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs. What could be more motivating than that?

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George Torok
Motivational Business Speaker

George Torok delivers motivational presentations for business and association conferences, conventions and special meetings.

More than a motivational business speaker – George Torok – 905-335-1997

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He's hot. He's Electric. He's Dynamic. He's George!
Kathleen D'Amico
McMaster Alumni Association

Motivational Business Speaker - George Torok

Not only did you entertain them - you inspired them to action.
Sid Kenmir, Executive Director
ACCRO Services

Motivational Business Speaker - George Torok

I came away re-energized about my work.
Barbara Yates
Canadian Yachting Association

Motivational Business Speaker - George Torok

You are a living example of how talent and a system combined can create success.
Tierney Culmer, Education Director
The Promotions Productions Association of Canada

Motivational Business Speaker - George Torok

You provided valuable content, entertained us, and demonstrated both a clear understanding and humility for the science and art of presentation skills.
Paul Bates, Dean
DeGroote School of Business

Motivational Business Speaker - George Torok